Best Photo Locations in Colorado Springs

Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. In this blog I’m going to cover some of my favorite locations to shoot all covered in my Colorado Springs photography collection and why each location is so awesome!

Red Rocks Open Area

Red Rocks Open Area is perfect if you want to beat the crowd. While tourists are flooding Garden of the Gods, I love taking the opportunity to photograph here. You still get the beautiful red rock formations and grassy fields.

Red Rocks Natural Area Photo Session Location in Colorado Springs

North Cheyenne Canyon

Spring is perfect if you want to be able to have more room to roam while early summer is the best time for long grass and flowers. Only downside of this location is the hike to get in is about a mile. If your family loves an adventure style session, then this location may be for you! If you don’t want to hike with your littles, I suggest a different photo location for your family.

A Early Summer Session at North Cheyenne Canyon

North Cheyenne Canyon Park photo location near Colorado Springs

A Spring Family Session at North Cheyenne Canyon!

Palmer Park

Palmer Park is full of tall beautiful green grass and hiking trails! You’ll love the Pikes Peak view you can see from the parking lot on a clear day. One of my favorite things about this location is how easy it is for small children. You can access all the views without any hiking involved!

Garden of the Gods

Nature lovers will love the natural beauty this location has to offer! Towering red sandstone rock formations that have been carved by wind and water over millions of years into unique formations make for the perfect photo opportunity. Your children will love to climb and walk on these fun rock formations.

My favorite time of year to photograph at Garden of the Gods would have to be the Spring. In the Spring, Garden of the Gods gets beautiful wildflowers and rich green grass that surrounds the red rocks. Its the perfect combination of colors!

Cons: Garden of the Gods can become overly populated at times, especially during the weekends and Summer time.


We hope that you enjoyed this list of the best photo locations in Colorado Springs. We know there are so many more beautiful places to visit and explore, but these are some of our favorites! If you have any suggestions for other great locations in the area, we’d love to hear them.

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